Poll: Which country would you like on Democracy 4

  • North Korea
  • Russia
  • Japan
  • China
  • Mexico

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Japan is the only one on this list that makes sense thematically for the game.

I’d give Mexico credit to be in here. I get troll face voting for NK, or DPRK as they like to be called. I don’t know why people are voting for China.

I did, I’m interested to see how the game would make you play if you started with a stable? authoritarian regime with a very strong economy (no Uncompetitive Economy at the start).

Having at least one dictatorship in the game would allow more people to be aware of the tricks and imbalance that is specific to this style of playing (most people play Liberal according to the global compass). I’m also hoping this would make the dev look more into the Democracy simulation and it’s effects, like increasing PC as it has been suggested.

I feel like China would be a great tutorial nation - one party state so you can’t ever be voted out, (though you could have you vs non-voters essentially (‘replaced’ if you don’t get enough turnout?)), and large population to have a bit of a sandbox mode

Mexico’s only problem is that it has a one-term limit, and I’m pretty sure you’d be shot if you thought about changing it. Japan would be a good fit though. Can’t simulate the demographic issues right now, but it presents an interesting set of problems. For an authoritarian Asian country that can actually fit in the game, Singapore would be an excellent addition. The game can’t really go more authoritarian than it, anyway.