Pollution rebalancing

Why there is feedback loop of low Environment increasing pollution, and then pollution decreasing environment
Edit: Its decreasing environmentalist happiness not environment oops.

Also pollution situation should be decreased by pollution controls.
Population statistic always seems to decrease pollution too.


Pollution has zero impact on the environment, it does however make environmentalists unhappy.

More population gives more pollution, the equation is:


(@cliffski Here’s another confusing equation since the constant is negative but the slope is positive.)

The pollution controls recucing pollution I can get behind though.

So this population influencing pollution equation has typo: Seems like it should be -0.5+(1*x)
Now it changes between -0.5 (0 population) and -0.4 (1 population)

I don’t think it’s a typo at all, population isn’t the sole driving factor behind pollution (it’s more what the population is doing). Thise kinds of equations are just a confusing way of shoving in balance through hidden constants in effects equations rather than directly changing the baseline level of situations (which I’ve complained about before). A more reasonable approach would be to have the equation simply be 0+(0.1*x) and make pollution start of 0.5 lower than it currently does.

There are only couple of things with large constants.
Legalize Sex Work influences all values in similar range instead 0 (or very low constant) to some value.
Luxury Tax has large brain drain constant at lowest value - seems like tax evasion should be affected by it instead.

But both of those only go in one direction and are directly influnced by policy. The problem I have argued for elsewhere is where one simulated value has a large constant in the other direction than its correlation making it impossble to figure out if I want the first value to increase or decrease.

The original post where I brought this up was on the link between food price and obesity, 0 food price increases obesity but as food price goes up this reduction shrinks and at one point it even goes from having a positive to negative impact.
If I hadn’t dug into the game files, finding out what if I wanted food price to go up or down to decrease obesity is literaly impossible without:

  1. Taking note of the exact current percentage of the effect.
  2. Implement some policy to make the food price change in some way.
  3. Letting a number of turns pass to see what has happened to the magnitude of the effect on obesity.
  4. If I’m lucky, I made the food price move the right direction and I can keep implementing policies that make it go that way. If I guessed wrong in step 2, totally reverse course and start implementing policies that make food price go the other direction instead.

Edit: Food price thread here: Food Price (+37%) - -> Obesity // Why green arror?

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I do intend to change this to do as has been suggested, just struggling under a collosal todo list…

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Is it very costly to hire help?