Poor, Middle Class, Wealthy

I am playing Democracy 4 1.03a. I have 0 Poor, 9% Middle Income, and over 90% Wealthy. The new screen that shows Disposable Income has a massive column of the Wealthy. I have several policies in place that are improving the wealth of motorists, for example. I’m guessing it’s policies like that which are pushing everyone into the Wealthy category at an insane rate. I don’t know what other policies could be doing that to virtually empty the country of the poor and middle class.

Jokingly, with so many Wealthy people it ought to be no problem to balance my budget. Lol. :slight_smile:


Yup, that screen is a little wobbly. it was a late addition to the game and still needs a fair bit of balancing tbh…

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My citizens are very well taken care of. Lol. I’m on 1.05 now. I’ve done some policies a little differently and I’ve got 68% Wealthy and still a huge Wealthy column in Disposable Income. I have a lot of policies that give people money from fuel efficiency standards to married tax allowance which helps married couples if they’re religious I guess. I decided to go with a huge UBI this time and all this with the difficulty cut down to 50%. I should probably try to trigger hyperinflation and see what that does.

Can’t believe there is a way to stop Luddite Riots with Rubber Bullets and a big police force. I love that. It was a pleasant surprise to see that late game I don’t have these bad situations I can’t solve.

The effects of some policies or simulation values are duplicating. Crime is shown in the effects list twice under Prison Regime. Inflation pops in twice on some screens. Organized crime is duplicated on some of the policy screens.

Robot Research Grants is doing something funky with unemployment. I know that it can create jobs. People building the robots I guess. Then the automation kills jobs too. One of the unemployment effects on the policy is going green and red in the same line at the same time.

I’m loving the game! I love it! The government profiting from nationalised industry can be bad for society depending. I make money from energy. I spend loads of money on nationalised water. It’s interesting. Governments can decide that people suddenly don’t need water but that the government needs revenue. Not unless trade unions have something to say about it, right? As long as the unions aren’t banned.

No clue what it’s like now for you, compared to your alpha standpoint.

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I do love how you jump into those discussions.

I know right?! I love it! :smiley:

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