popular leader achievement bugged?

Cliffski, is the popular leader achievement bugged? I have democracy 3 english version 1.13 from steam. I use windows 7 ultimate edition with service pack 1. I got 18 of 21 voter types (except trade unionist, everyone, and capitalist) up to “moderately supportive” approval which is over 70%. I would have 19 voter types over 70% approval except that the trade unionist voter type only gave me “generally supportive” (it seems under 70%) approval even though I had +64.26% of total net favorable happiness modifiers which should have given me an approval rating of 82%. The 18 of 21 voter types that I sufficient approval (over 70% approval) with would be 85.71%, which be over the 80% of voter types needed that you said on steam to give me the popular leader achievement. I am very satisfied with the game, playing 67 hours since I bought it in early February, but if this issue is resolved it would make the game even better for me and others. I will attempt to send you the savegame in question as an attachment in a email to cliff@positech.co.uk later, if it possible for me to do so. I tried to upload a savegame to this message, but I failed. Thanks.

I use the social engineering DLC but I have no other mods.

sorry, i could not get the savegame with the issue emailed over.

Hi, taking a look at the data I see the problem… Although technically my description is correct in code terms, it doesn’t really translate to the real world!
When I say you need 70% support thats positive 70%. Although it looks like the support values go from 0 to 100%, they actually go from -100% to +100%. So in other words, when I say 70%, that actually means the bar has to be 85% (50% + 0.7 * 0.5).
This is obviously confusing as hell, and I should fix it, so I’ll change the code in the games next patch so that it actually triggers at what really does look like 70%, which would be +0.4 in code.
I know thats confusing as hell :smiley:


It can be done. The stats show me that 210 players have managed it so far :smiley:

Excellent, I will be looking forward to the next patch.