Portals- When?

I hesitated to ask this for fear of getting lectured for not buying direct (lol), but it’s been well over a month since Kudos 2 was released and curiosity has gotten the better of me. I’m wondering how long it will be before the other portals (besides iWin) will get this game. I buy all my games through Big Fish for $6.99, so naturally, I’d prefer to stick with them, but if it’s going to be months, I don’t think I can wait that long.

Is there a date in mind, by chance? Or at least an estimated time frame?

Thanks in advance!


bigfishgames don’t look like they will be getting the game. If you knew what percentage of seven dollars I’d get, you’d know why :smiley:
Buy it direct, it won’t be on BFG this year I’m sure of that.
I bet you get more than seven dollars worth of entertainment from it. That’s maybe two cups of coffee isn’t it? :smiley:

It’s not that it’s not worth the twenty bucks, it’s just that I’m on a tight budget right now. But I suppose I can’t blame you for not wanting others to get paid for your hard work.

Thanks for your answer.


They would actually earn MORE from the game than I would. That’s what bugs me…

Then I definitely don’t blame you. :slight_smile:

Anyway, it doesn’t matter anymore, as I just bought it direct from you tonight.

Thanks for the great game!


Bwahahahaha! Take that bigfish :smiley: