Positive feedback loop???

In playing USA, I noticed that internet crime and crime icons had green arrows feeding into each other at the same time. Isn’t this a positive feedback loop? Is this normal or a bug? Seems like if it is intentional, the thing runs out of control at some point.

Or do I have a faulty loop in my systems diagram concept?

No, that is indeed how the data is set up., so it is working as intended right now (I’m pretty sure there are such feedback loops in real world crime). Is it causing a balance issue or just something you noticed? I’d suggest some stricter law enforcement :smiley:

Its just something I noticed. As a system engineer I know positive feedback loops can go exponential unless dampened with some negative component. It just broke the visual pattern of everything else as I saw it.

No playability issue for me however. Alls well.

Great game.