Possibility to play also in the opposition when elections are lost

This is my latest idea introduced as an answer in the other post.

The possibility of being in opposition in case of lost elections.

Even in a “simple” and fast way compared to the basic game.

For example, skip turns and act only with propaganda and some other element to be re-elected in the next elections.

It gives perfect depth to the game.

I take this opportunity to congratulate all the staff for this pearl of D4.

With regard.



That would be great, give a whole new way to play the game and they can increase the difficulty for capturing votes. Could even pull a Biden and spend your campaign funding on fake votes with a chance of getting caught and lose the game!

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In this case, the opposition winning, is basucally a game over event. As D4 is a game, there should be some loss cases (as ut’s not a narrative driven game). This is one of those. It also gives the modding community an opportunity to add something to the game, and prevents it from being over-complex when it’s the base game.

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