Possible Bug: Dirt and getting invited. (v.1.18)


I noticed that “my house” is getting dirtier when I’m eating at friends.

Scenario: I washed my house on Sunday. Monday I were invited on a wine and cheese party, tuesday I went to school, wednesday I were invited to dinner, thursday everything were dirty and I went to school, friday I were invited for dinner, and then on saturday there were two flies crawling around.

I forgot to save before cleaning on saturday, though. :frowning:

Partially related; my savefile (autosave) is getting messy (but still works, I guess.) After cleaning and bathing on saturday I have six “glob_dirt” entries and five glob_germs entries; all with basevalue of 0.000. They are all alike, except for the first of each; the first “glob_dirt” has “highisgood” of 114 (instead of 1) and the first “glob_grems” has “highisgood” of 111 (instead of 1).

Not related at all: My character is not stressed anymore, strange since he is working within IT. I can see red numbers informing me of more stress, but it is always 0%. (I got 100% in meditation - but have not had any need of meditating yet.) I cannot see any reason for the “no stress” bug in the savefile.

Tell if you want the savefile.

Thanks for a great game,


I’m not sure what you mean about those entries but there’s a bug there, for sure.

I play the yahoo version and my house gets dirty while having the cleaning service on. Even if I clean my home and I take baths, people still don’t come to my house. The only solution is to cancel cleaning and only after that to clean the house (as suggested by Eddy here: positech.co.uk/newforum/viewtopi … =2384#2384 ).

I’d like to see that save file, that does sound like a horrid bug ;(

Ok had a look.
The stress thing is a typo on my part. Its related to watching football. I’ll fix this as soon as I can. damn. Its a missing decimal point. bah.

The germs stuff seems to be working ok. It looks like there might be a bug where the germs stuff is a duplicated attribute, but dont worry about it, its ignored, only the one in ther globals section is actually used.

Dirt accumulates regardless of if you are home or not, and at a faster rate if you have a dog or a cat. You are right, it would be better if it only accumulates when you are home. Something for the next time round I guess…

I’ll patch the stress/football thing first thing in the morning. That wont fix a save game where you have watched football though ;(.
Thanks for pointing this out. I’ll put fixing the friends / skills overlay on my list too.
Its rare, but possible that portraits overlap. The game picks unseen portraits and tries to avoid duplicates, but once enough people have existed int he game, you can end uop with dupes.


Guessed as much.

Ah, trouble here was that (without pets) dirt accumulated in three days as much as it usually does in seven. I’ll fix a savegame next time I encounter it.

No worries. Aaand I can live with my save being broken. Easier that way. :wink: (or I can go hunt with my newfound knowledge of it’s placement.) :wink:

Fair enough. Heh, just need to garbage collect used faces. :wink:



Ok, reinstall patch 1.18 (its different now) and the stress problem will be gone. (not on old saved games sadly).