Possible bugs

Been playing a fair bit today and I’ve spotted a few strange quirks/features/bugs or whatever you’d prefer them to be called.

There is a problem with finishing a game and then starting a new one without exiting the program first. It will just jump straight to the end of your ten years when you start otherwise.

When playing from scratch and doing basic medicine to get a job as a junior doctor it seems a bit inbalanced trying to do evening classes while coping with the massive stress level this job seems to create. I understand that 22k for a job you can get near the start of the game should have a negative side but it seems counterproductive to even waste money on classes when you get nothing from them due to stress and you’re also spending a lot of days off ill because of stress anyway. Possibly there’s a strategy here I’ve not used though ??

The relationship part seems a bit hard when you do match up with a partner and get a heart by their name. Even on easy mode it seems pretty simple to just let it run itself as your partner will phone you and ask for dates every so often which is all you need to do to keep her/him happy. However, as soon as you refuse one offer of an evening with them - and even if relationship boxes are maxed out - then you’re likely to just get dumped. Doesn’t happen that easy before they are your partner which seems a little odd.

I’m guessing here that the ten years limit to achieve what you want to achieve is deliberate to kind of force you into realistically only taking one path towards a chosen profession and not just learning everything available and jumping between jobs as you please which kind of answers my next question really. But have you considered putting in a sandbox mode where you don’t have the ten year limit or would this be detrimental to gameplay because people could discover everything about the game in one session therefor losing its replayability?

Is there actually a limit on the number of skills you can learn within the ten years? I seem to be able to learn a lot of them - enough to fill up 3 columns without really trying. Just wondering about space on screen to display them all or will i be seeing scroll bars if I do get too clever for my own good? :slight_smile:

Can you actually be fired from a job? I like the way you can persue an acting career pretty easilly and pick up top paying jobs but they’re contracts which expire after a while leaving you looking for another position and having to rebuild all your kudos again to get the good ones. But do other professions do something similar? I’ve not been sacked as a junior doc despite spending half my year off with sickness, lol.