Possible DLC: EU LAWS

Hello community and Cliff! In the game there are positive (euro) and negative (EU contribution) situations regarding the European Union but there are no laws. Now I propose some laws / dilemmas and you if you want to comment and suggest other laws / dilemmas:

-European currency law:
As a good Brit Cliff knows that when the UK was in the EU it didn’t have the euro, a dilemma has to have 2 simple options:

  1. Don’t join the euro
  2. Join the euro

-Schengen area: a dilemma with the same options as the euro law just changed a bit:

  1. Do not join the Schengen area
  2. Join the Schengen area

-Hiring a president in the European parliament:
Do you have a nation with high foreign relations? With the highest human development in the world? This dilemma appears to you that gives you 2 names of presonages, one patriot and one socialist liberal (or even others) to put in the European parliament as president. Either choice will lift your foreign relations.

-Hiring a president at the ECB:
Same thing as the above dilemma

So on with the European bodies (Court of Auditors, European Commission, etc …)

Speak up, you too Cliff if you can, I know you’re busy! That was all.

See you later!

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