Possible Election Bug

Good morning, and I hope this is the correct location to leave potential bug reports. As this is my first game of Demo4 (though I’ve been a long time player of 2 and 3), I recognize I may have missed something - however, my checking online seems to indicate the US should still have a 2 term limit by default. I won my first re-election with 85% of the vote, but was required to “Retire in Glory” - there was no option to continue for the second term. I reloaded a previous save to ensure I hadn’t accidentally reduced the term limits policy, and I had not.

Tangentially related, the game help suggests it should still be possible to adjust the term limit settings prior to beginning a game, but I can find no way to do so (I recognize this may be planned and not yet implemented, just noting the inconsistency in the current state between the in-game help and what menus I can access).


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