Possible KEylogger


I just purchased GSB yesterday and all dlc packs from SteamPowered games.
Today when I ran the game to play my antivirus software triggered, I am using Kaspersky Internet Security 2011.
According to the virus software the the main file shows as a possible key logger.

I have attached a screen shot of the warning for it.
Please let me know.

Heh, thats awesome. I think whoever wrote that antivirus software needs to go abck to school.
The game traps WM_Mouse messages so it can track the mosue. It uses DirectInput to rap the keyboard messages so you can type. It seems this genius antivirus software thinks that makes it a keylogger.
It doesn’t :smiley:
Trust mne, I wrote the code, I’m not logging your keystrokes and sending them to me. Feel free to run a packet sniffer as the gamne runs to see the exact bytes that get sent to the server (its pretty much a patch version check, and then in-game messages and challenge stuff).