Possible new version of the game?

How about this an idea for a sequel / expansion pack for the game.
Democracy, but set in Africa. Totally different voter groups, and policies, situations etc.
The same basic layout and approach for the game, but remodelled to fit the political situation in african countries.

It could be virtual, rather than real-world countries, with the player able to tweak the settings on each game to setup the start conditions as they like?

rather than internet access, we could have food production, etc.

Just an initial idea I’m thinking about. any suggestions?

It’s a nice idea.

BUT, I’d rather you spent your precious time working on Democracy 2, with multiplayer and international relations, AND with the random nation generator I think you were hinting at :wink:

Given that the game is so open to modding, how about a simple little mod program that does policies and dilemmas, so simpletons like me can make our own?

dang, there is so much to do, plus I have big companies wanting me to do games for them. I need more arms and legs.