Possible pwnage fleet?

Check out my “Fear the frigate fleet!!!” on challenges. This setup for large maps seems to work nearly everytime, except for once, but i think that was because my enemy modded because he had an entire force of bombers, me fighters, and NOT A SINGLE ONE DIED. they could not die.

If that isnt cheating then tell me what is. i had to beat him by killing all of his cruisers.

Back to the point, these, as i call them, “Close range pounders” have good enough shields to live until they get close, then just blast you away into oblivion. See if you can beat the setup without invincible bombers. then tell me what you used, so i can counter that :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d love to try it but, alas, the game will not allow me to download it. Say’s you have content I don’t or some such.

A: Well, My standard fleet just shattered that challenge with zero losses.

B: Mods would only be applied locally. a ship in a challenge is saved as a list of modules found on it. The game would then look up the stats of the modules on your own computer.

I also nailed it first time with a premade deployment.

Tip: Short ranged frigate swarms need some speed. My cruisers appeared to be about 2 to 3 times as fast.

Regarding the hard to kill ‘bombers’ you say you encountered, I’m guessing you were facing fighters armed with a single rocket each. They don’t deal much damage, but you’ll have a lot of trouble killing them without tractor beams or antifighter missiles, since they go absurdly fast. If you’re going to field a frigate swarm, you need mix in substantial numbers of one or both of these weapons systems, or your fleet will be easy meat for rocket fighters (actually, it still will be, but it won’t be quite as spectacularly one sided.)

pwnt. =p

I beat that one last night, if it’s the same one I’m thinking of. Actually had an Empire fleet I’d just put together: a front line with lots of defense, tractor beams and torpedo fighters and a backline of squishy but gun filled Weapon Platforms. I think I mostly won because my anti-fighter frigates had tons of armor and soaked up a lot of damage from your ion cannons(?) while my weapons platforms cleaned up.

Apperently it was pretty easy.


And thanks for the stats on the rocket fighters, i have never actually used tractor beams before.

It seemed to work very well in most battles, apperently not as a challenge. I SHALL TRY HARDER! lol

Haha. I guess you tested it against the ‘wrong’ challenges. :wink:

Rofl maybe, but i have a feeling that its near impossible to put up a fleet that someone doesnt know the counter to.

This is why i think the creator needs to add a real time strategy battle. Both people have five-ten minutes to make their fleets, and then they fight. you have no idea what the other person puts out until the battle starts, so it would be much better. i think im going to make a topic about this…