Possible solution to music crash

It’s been said on here that there is apparently a conflict with some of the most recent nvidia video drivers and the audio. After playing around with things for a while and loading the latest nvidia video drivers and my latest sound card driver (audigy 2 zs), I decided to also check if there was a newer version of the OpenAL driver. There was a new openal released in July, so I installed it. I then played kudos crash free for about an hour before I experienced a crash, but it wasn’t related to the audio at all. Hurrah!

You can download the latest driver from developer.creative.com/articles/ … =38&aid=46

Hopefully this will help some of you that have experienced the same problem.

Thank’s, this is much appreciated, I know a few others have this same issue. What was the other crash you experienced? I’d like to catch all of them if I can.

Sorry, the other crash went straight to desktop with a dialogue to send the crash info to Microsoft. I wasn’t doing anything unique when it happened. I have not tried picking up from the autosave yet, though. We’ll see if it crashes when I do.