Possible sound problem


I’m not entirely sure if this is a bug, proper behaviour or a problem with my system, but I’ve noticed that there I don’t seem to have any sfx for lasers, explosions etc. Can someone confirm if there should currently be these sounds? If so I’ll try to have a play with my system and see what more I can find. I’m using the onboard Realtek HD Audio and have it patched up to the most recent drivers, so it is unlikely that is the problem. Cheers.

Yes, they should be there. I am having a similar problem with my 2nd Audio device, since the first one is causing the game to crash. Music, but no SFX.

Thank you, that sounds very similar to my problem. I’ll plug in my usb audio driver and see if that fixes things, maybe it’s a problem with onboard sound?

Nope. My first audio interface is a $250 Creative E-MU, so we can also safely say it’s not isolated to Realtek drivers either.

I turned down the music and played a battle. I did get sfx, and I’d hear the occasional shot or explosion, but it didn’t seem to follow any pattern. I haven’t yet tried swapping the hardware yet, I’ll give that a go next.

yep am suffering the same problem dont think it has anything to do with your computer its the game hopefully cliff can fix it.

He’s got alot to do :slight_smile:

I have the same problem the SFX isnt working any solution yet ?