Possible to operate two mixers at full capacity?

OK, I’m trying to understand if this is the best solution I can get. I have an ingredient (green belt) and a catalyst (brownish belt). I split up their flows so I can feed two mixers, since mixers operate at a speed of 2. I haven’t been able to figure out how to have those now four belts enter the two mixers without having to do at least one crossing (center of screen). With two pill makers operating I’m being able to process 24 pills per month. Is there some way I’m supposed to be able to get 30 pills a month?

Here’s the image, you can click to enlarge:


I think this setup is a lot more space efficient: youtu.be/Ngiap0O3WB0
It also goes at full throughput at 30 units a month. The output belt from the right hand mixer may not be a T split or a crossway or bugginess ensues.

Thanks for the reply. Took me a minute to figure out because I couldn’t see the backside of one of the machines, but I figured it out.

Does someone have a good idea for an efficient centrifuge setup? These awfully spacious machines are necessary for those ingredients that start with lots of effects that won’t go with or without over-processing them.

I’ve tried this little setup combined with shakers. It seems you have to use 4 wall outlets to have one of these things at full throughput. I’ve tried crossing the belts in several ways and it just hasn’t worked out. I cant even think about trying to do anything with the 2nd output except burn it.

It should be possible to make it more compact with crossroads. I’ll look into it if I have time.