Possible to see endgame statistics for both sides?

I bought GSB yesterday to see if it could be used for combat resolution for a multiplayer space opera campaign idea I’ve been fiddling with. I managed to create a custom scenario with forces for both sides, but I couldn’t find a way to see any endgame data for the “enemy” or AI side, only the player side. Is there any file somewhere that contains the status data just after you have finished a scenario?

after wining the battle or losing you have an choice to see the statistics or go to FleetHQ or Rate Challenge or… then when you click on see statistics on the right you see your ships(and your statistics) on left the enemy ships (and their statistics) when you look up you will see damage per weapon hit points in time just click on it to see the different statistics… you can also see statistic for just one ship or weapon just select the ships or weapons… if you don’t see it on the bottom there is switch stats button :slight_smile:

Ah yes, thank you! I was however more looking for information about which ships or fight groups survived, and in what condition. For the AI fleet that seems to be lacking, or perhaps I did not read the statistic screen well enough. I’ll look a bit more into it.

you can find more info about the ships you were fighting in folder-> find your game folder go to data/deployments/ pick the scenario you were fighting there you will see every enemy ship and what orders they have. and if you want to see what modules and weapons that type of ships has look into data/ships folder. :slight_smile:

Yupp found it, thanks! I was kinda looking for more detailed info about the status of any AI survivors, to see if I could use this game to decide the outcome when two player fleets met on a campaign (strategic) map. If campaign player A is the same as the human player in GSB and win the battle all is well (each battle is usually wipeout on the other side), but if player B (the AI in GSB) wins I can’t find enough info about his remaining forces and the status on them.
Oh well, I’ll keep looking and instead enjoy GSB for what it is, and what a superb piece of game that is! :slight_smile:


It should be possible to make a tool that accepts a deployment and scenario file and swaps the fleets over (if you know the width of the battlefield you can calculate the new positions of the ships easily enough). You’d have to run the simulation twice if player B won (once to find out and once with them switched over), and you’d have to hope that the simulation doesn’t run too differently the second time (should be easy enough to compare visually), but it might work for you.

Lol, yeah I had just started thinking about doing that. I’ve made tools for parsing text files before, so it shouldn’t bee to hard. It would make setting up battles between two human players easier anyway (i.e. some kind of scenatrio creating tool).