Post-Bureaucratic Politics

There has to be some way and method in D4 to bring about good socioeconomic change without being overly bureaucratic. More taxes, more regulation, etc. just lead to the bureaucracy situation and a vast state apparatus (why I mentioned bureaucratic collectivism in a previous post of mine). Once people become richer, welfare policies shouldn’t be necessary, they should stay rich and not become poor once welfare gets cancelled. Similarly, once people are wealthy, they would perhaps not wish to be as employed as they once were when poor, hence, reducing the responsibility of the state to promote social good, people could do it once enabled by the state.

Currently there are few if any policies which allow citizens to self-actualize (ex. civic education, more bureaucrats to reduce bureaucratic wait times, strong communities, lateral entry, modelling self-organization, devolving powers, etc.). Currently there’s no way in D4 as far as I can see to make people’s lives better and to contract bureaucracy. We need more leeway here.


That’s a fascinating set of points, and something I may’ve been reaching towards when I brainstormed participatory politics and the democratisation of ownership in distributism which allowed what you describe here as self-actualization.

A brilliant start on how one would model a hypothetically advanced anarchist state.


I imagine by “state” here, you mean condition, it’d be hilarious to have an anarchist state though! We’re anarchist, just not that much! :smiley:

I’ve read your distributism and parpol posts, and I think they’re good ideas, it just remains to be seen whether Cliff can implement them, as I bet that he has a very long backlog! :smiley: