Post the most awesome space battle videos you can find

I need to be inspired by new space battle footage. My current benchmark of choice is the opening battle of Revenge of the Sith. I’m a big fan of that sort of thing. I’ve also watched a lot of eve videos, and played it for a month or two again. Anyone got any good suggestions for over-the-top intense space battle footage I should be checking out?

Star Wars is defiantly a great choice for awesome space battles. However, I always thought Star Trek had a few good ones, mind you, they are few and far between. Star Trek always had trouble with space battles because it was supposed to be a utopia, thus, they tended to avoid large combat situations. Normally a starship would wait until their shields were down 10-20% before they returned fire, grrrr. Anyways, I think the best ones were during Deep Space 9 which is regarded as the “darkest” of the Star Treks (not counting the new movie which also has some good battles). I also enjoyed this one because you got to see the whole arsenal of the Federation and because they used fighters which I always had a theory that it would be a good idea to implement some fighter tactics.

I suggest you check out the DS9 episode “Sacrifice of Angles” for a look at Star Trek’s massive fleet battle. I did a quick search and found a YouTube video of it but I don’t know if that does it justice. I’m sure theres a better video and, maybe, a better battle.

I’m sad enough to have every episode of DS9 on DVD. The big dominion battles are indeed pretty good. I was very impressed by the new trek movies battle too, lots of cool debris. I’d buy it on DVD today it was available.

Well I have to say this is a great scene. … re=related

Also I likr this one from serinity!

Both are pretty manic in nature!

I’ll do some quick checks for Babylon 5 space battles. Some of the ones in season 4 (huge alliance fleets vs. Shadow vessels) were damned good. The best part of those is that the actually took place in three dimensions…you had ships coming in at all angles, and not just aligned with the galactic plane.

Into the Fire (Season 4) and Severed Dreams (Season 3) are two episodes in particular with very good space fights. (Severed Dreams is also one of the best episodes of any TV series I’ve seen.)

Shadow Dancing (also season 3) has some god ones, but they have some a pseudo-deus-ex-machina to take care of some of the previously nigh-invulnerable ships that they had faced. (I’m trying to avoid spoilers here, so forgive the cryptic comments)

Stargate Alantis

Thanks for the replies, it’s good to see videos I might have missed

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Brand new to these boards, but I just thought I’d register to post this montage from Battlestar:

The quality isn’t great but it does show off plenty of space fights… I was surprised not to see it listed here, but I bet I’m gonna feel like a dumbass once I find out why.

Yeah Battlestar has some of the best in recent history:

From Resurrection Ship Part II:

Galactica battles gravity:

And I can’t find a decent clip of Pegasus’ final run; all the ones available are either horribly edited and/or pasted over with bad music.

And a personal favorite from B5 (a little weirdly cut, but still cool):

Considering the long-term favour in which I’ve regarded “Star Blazers,” I simply had to offer this video. It must be from one of the rumoured new add-ons to the old episodes & story arc. Damn cool stuff, also!

Battlestar Galactica’s last desperate battle. Probably contains oodles of spoilers due to it’s nature.

I always liked the Battle of Gorash 7 from Babylon 5. I can only find it in German, but it gives it that wonderful Das Boot feeling.

I love the wonderful feeling of distance and escalation. The Narn open with a long range salvo past a moon almost back to the planet it orbits. The Shadows launch fighters, and dogfighting begins. The two fleets close to beam range, and it becomes clear that the Shadow ships are vastly superior by an order of magnitude. The Narn turn to retreat, but the Shadows wipe them out. Victorious, the battlecrabs exit stage top (hooray for the z-plane!). used to be a good place to find peoples home-made space battles. There’s still some stuff there. quality is generally average to poor, and of course it’s not professionally done, but sometimes they’re still hella cool, especially considering that it was just some guy like us rendering stuff at home.

I like this one. :slight_smile: … movieid=17

The Battle of Endor from Return of the Jedi is what got me into space combat games, and remains unsurpassed to me. The RotS opening gets too ridiculous for me, way too much happening that doesn’t make sense, while Endor does make naval sense to me with each side pursuing clear objectives (the Imperials not attacking with their overwhelming capital ships appears odd… until the Death Star II starts blowing cruisers apart).

Just youtube any Stargate Battle as most of them are amazing. Battle over Antartica and the first Ori battle are probably my favourite two battles.

I totally agree! Stargate battles are quite short but really cool. Is there anything cooler than a replicator ship? :smiley:

Voice of a distant star (Hoshi no koi) … &resnum=4#

Has shorts space battle scenes in the middle and near the end.

Worth watching all the way through. The premiss is alien ruins were discovered on Mars and people have developed faster-than-light travel. Giant mecha are used to combat various alien threats. The story revolves around a school girl who is chosen as a mecha pilot (just cos) and how this effects her life, she has to leave her home and her boyfriend and they know they’ll probably never meet each other again as space travel takes several years. While in her perspective she’s only been away a few weeks or months but due to the time dilation effect, for her boyfriend, several years go by. Each time the girl makes another jump through hyper space it takes her further away from Earth and her text messages take longer to reach Earth (text messages travel at the speed of light) The boy receives messages less and less frequently, months and then years pass between messages. It’s kind of heart breaking.

Most amazing thing? Made by one guy, the animation, drawing, CG even the male voice acting. (in the original version, he and his girlfriend did the voices)

There’s a bunch of other nuances in the short like how Earth changes between texts and the story is very reminiscent of Gunbuster which is another classic along the same vein.

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let me search a good “Starship Operator” video

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