Post Your screenshot link. Win a game!

In case people missed it, you can take screenshots in the game really easily. Either hit the printscreen button on your keyboard, or the button to the right of the minimap. Either way, the game saves a big bitmap in MyDocuments\MyGames\Gratuitous Space Battles with the time and date in the name.
You probably want to convert the image to a jpg for actually using anywhere.
Another tip is to use the ‘U’ key to toggle the UI off for a screenshot, it often looks a bit more l33t. Don’t forget that you can pause the game ‘P’ and then zoom and scroll around to frame a decent shot.

Whoever posts the best screenshot by Saturday morning wins a free game. Any game that I’ve made. That means:

Starship Tycoon
Planetary Defense
Kudos 2
Kudos: Rock legend
Democracy 2

All found here:
(The other games are made by other indie developers who I know).

Post links to your screens in reply to this. I don’t think attachments work, but you can upload somewhere free:
and link it here like this:

I’m going to sneakily demand the right to use your screenshots on my site to promote the game. bwahahahahahahaha!


(Look how moddable Cliff’s game is! This screenshot proves it!)

Good idea :slight_smile:

I call this one No Escape. It’s not as chaotic as it could be, but I like to see the game show a side that goes past huge immovable objections firing at each other.

12,288 Fighters in Mission 11.

I still play Lux Deluxe all the time =D

Imaging being an air(space) controller who has to coordinate that mess. xD

By the way, if we win can we get a free copy of GSB beta to give to other ppl?

In the spirit of Mortal Kombat, I present the following Screenshot. This was after the Gravity Well on Hard.

Sambrookjm wins. Flawless Victory.

I couldn’t decide between my three favorite so…

Screen 1 shows a battle with fighters

Screen 2 shows a huge battle between cruisers no interface and screen 3 is slightly later in the battle with interface. :slight_smile:

Screen 1

Screen 2

Screen 3

My turn! Here’s some explodiness…

The second one is my favourite. I absolutely love the light ray effect that happens whem you zoom right in!

I call this one Ruptured:

Click for the full size image.

Clearly that missile has just gone through the frig! ;D

How to beat Arc Welder with 100% fleet remaining:

Victory screen (with a spelling mistake on it):

Apparently .BMP files cant be attached :stuck_out_tongue:

Regardless, i have only taken a couple screenshots, but one ones featuring things exploding/exploded always seem best.

where are they saved, so I can submit?