Post your screenshots! (Explosive ones ;D)

of course! :smiley:

heh heh. you’re not the only one. do you know how many slots i had to edit to mod the ORIGINAL ships? oh, and we CAN’T forget that i edited the slots of every single modded ship i downloaded… AAAAARGGH! most annoying thing in my life… but it came with great reward. :smiley:

The UNSC Frigate ‘Honour and Glory’ with its sister ship ‘Forlorn Hope’ attempt to survive the endless waves of alien forces!

yeah, they TRY :stuck_out_tongue:

United Fleet bombers hopelessly try to destroy the Katuri space stations!


We will send in reinforcements to break through their lines here:

Good luck, and may the hmmphmmphm be with you!

what? has this topic been completely forgotten? :frowning:

BTW there’s something i forgot to mention, but you all probably knew and didn’t care at all about: you can edit the pics in photoshop (or, if you’re a Mac owner, GraphicConverter) like i did in the “pre-battle plan” thing.

Also… hey RRRacer! you done yet with those slots? XD nah i think you are

when is there a link for the turret bitmaps for the realspace 3 mod

You asked for explosions? here you have some Praetorian Carnage!

(open in a new tab to have a full view)

It was one of the pics that i posted days before releasing PI Mod ^^

Yea that will do it you bet!