Post your ship designs :D

Ok I’m cheating because some of these components aren’t in the current patch, but you will have them soon. here is my latest yootan cruiser :smiley:

I’ll share, I’m rather proud of the design aesthetic I’ve created for my Zyrtari fleet.

Confucius dreadnought

Rand carrier

Sartre cruiser

Kant destroyer

Hobbes gunship

Here’s my reimagined Terran fleet (the first batch of ships were pretty bright and clownish-looking and had colors all over the map).

Dreadnought-class carrier

Heavy dreadnought

Cruiser-class light carrier

Stealth cruiser

Tug destroyer

Shield-support destroyer

Long-range frigate

Skirmish frigate

Basic gunship

Torpedo-bomber gunship

Escort fighter

Drone interceptor fighter

All good fun :smiley: I can’t wait to see what modders do to the game :smiley:

alright I’ll bite, here’s some of my yootan boats.

Heavy cruiser:

PD frigate:

ship of the line:

beam corvette:

artillery cruiser:

fast attack frigate:

entire fleet:

not pictured:
Sirius class battlestar - general purpose long range/fighter support - because i lost the file TO A BUG!!! (ahem ahem)
Fisk class beam corvette - because I lost my battlestar and I can’t field them :frowning:

Resistance is futile!


Example :

A collection of works by myself, I’m adding to it steadily to flesh out a good selection of models for the terran fleet for people to use in the workshop. Having a collection people can one button subscribe to, well. All I can say is that it makes life -really- easy for keeping things up to date.

Great stuff.

One issue I have found is that I can’t seem to -update- my designs as I refine them. How do I go about doing that? Do I have to upload them and delete the old ones or?

Yeah I’m not sure we have a way to update steam workshop stuff yet. Its something I’ll be working on though.

thumbs up Awesome. Right now I’m kludging by deleting old ones and replacing with finals if I decide to revise and touch up my designs, but having the ability to replace with updated versions would be far preferable.

The cruiser that won me alot of my battles, It blasts everything to bits!

That’s a nice-looking ship, I kind of get a Stargate vibe off it.

Agreed. Some fairly conservative designs here though. Anyone gone really nuts since you can turn the hulls off? I may have to show you young kids how its done :smiley:

No, because the hulls don’t turn off properly (this has been mentioned in another thread somewhere). I’m waiting for the next patch till that’s fixed.

Also, the game routinely destroys my custom designs by rearranging the layer order of components or even deleting components entirely from the file. Makes it frustrating to try making ships when I know they might end up randomly disassembled.

I tried that!
Here is the result

That thing looks like it comes from a junk planet and runs with unshielded reactors belching toxic waste out of its exhaust. I like it.

*Science Ninja Team not included.

Ha! Ok, this is pretty darned good…

The Phoenix design there looks like it would fit in well with the Swarm from GSB1. Very nicely done. :slight_smile:

My thoughts exactly.