Potential bug?

My character has one action point (before work) left, and I wanted to spend it on Hang Around the Crew Quarters Corridors. But there doesn’t seem to be a button that permits this. Not sure why.

I believe you’re not allowed to organize any events (even solo ones) before work. Instead, you must do something on Spacebook (e.g. make a post of your own, like someones else’s post or send a message, friend request or relationship request to somebody) or apply for a new job.

Oddly, the non-player characters don’t seem to obey this limit, as I often see them posting about various activities early in the day.

So if I have 1 action point left over before work, I have to use it? Because I don’t see any option to advance time to post-work while that point remains.

I don’t think there’s any way to literally do nothing, but putting up a random Spacebook post is close enough.

Too bad, then, if as you point out, the other “players” get to use their actions whenever they want.