Potential Features and/or Tweaks


I know I’m a little late with feature requests, but I do have 2 that from here on in I will call ‘niceties’:

  1. Ability to remove a friend from a social event after adding them to said event.
    As far as I know the only way to do this is to switch to another event and then back again, removing EVERYONE from the event. I notice right-clicking on the person in the social event does nothing Nudge nudge :slight_smile:

  2. A filter for hiding activities you can’t afford (both social and personal).
    K1 had this for jobs (as in hiding jobs you couldn’t apply for) but it would be nice to have the same for personal/social events so you don’t end up cycling through events trying to find something to do when cash is low (those £8/day commutes are a killer to a murse!).

As a side note, I find the game art to have grown on me. Initially I preferred the graphics of K1, but now I can see why you went this way. Props to the artists :slight_smile:

Wayno, a Social, Grubby Stock Assistant

One of the reasons I didn’t let you hide events you couldn’t afford was that you can always sell stuff. Say you have a chess set, and you aren’t playing it very often, you can always sell it and use the money instantly to fund a social or solo activity.
Plus sometimes people offer to pay for you :smiley:

  1. You didn’t comment on my ‘ability to remove friends from social events’ query :-o Is that too time consuming to do, or just something you don’t think is really required?

  2. Hmmm, but you can’t set up a social event and ask your friends to pay for you :stuck_out_tongue: Now THERE’S a real life feature that I’ve been suckered into before
    “Yo Wayno, wanna go to the park and have some lunch?”
    “Yeah, alright, I’m up for that”
    “Oh, would you mind driving 'cause I’m low on fuel”
    “… yeah, ok”
    “Oh, and my card didn’t work last night and I’ve got no cash”
    “… so how are you going to get lunch?”
    “I was thinking you could shout me and I’ll hit you back another time”
    “… riiiight” :slight_smile:

Wayno, thinking being awake before midday on a Sunday should be illegal, and morally and ethically wrong

No it is worth doing, I just need to find the safest, easiest and best way to code it :smiley:

G’day G’day Cliffski!

I know you’re hard at work fixing bugs and making nice with the modders, but I have more niceties for my list :slight_smile:

  1. Ability to “Quit My Job”.
    Whilst I haven’t played K2 going down the acting route, in K1 when you finished an acting job you became unemployed. I assume this is the same in K2. I used to use the time off to purse further education, bond with friends, etc. Also quitting my job would allow me to complete my fantasy of being an out-of-work-guitarist-bum-with-no-friends-who-smells-a-lot.

  2. Ability to “Take The Day Off Work”
    This had been asked in a previous thread, but normal jobs allow you holidays and sick days. As a confident and stressed doctor I find it hard to study Kung Fu or any class during the week unless I’m sick and have the day off.

  3. Mousing Over an Upcoming Event Shows the Event Cost
    Unlike my impeccable avatar, my mind is a sieve and I frequently forget just how much money I will need on any given day.

  4. Job Salary in £/day (not just £/year) on Both Your Career Summary and Job Search Windows (and a List of the Transport Cost, or Net Daily Profit)
    This is more so you don’t waste time getting a job, then after a day’s work finding out you’re not any better off than you were. This happened to me going from walking to a waitressing job to busing to a nursing job and ending up financially WORSE off (not to mention the 0 relaxation).


  1. What’s up with the Stock Assistant jobs where you travel 14 miles to work, make £12, then travel 14 miles back only to net £2 for the day
    Ok, that’s not a nicety, but what the hell Cliff? :stuck_out_tongue: Added realism I assume, but c’mon; a man’s gotta eat!

I’ll let you get back to your codes and snack cakes now :slight_smile:

Wayno, assumes all programmers like snack cakes and code

P.S. Thanks for this highly addictive and time-consuming game. It’s JUST what I needed to distract me from the highly addictive and time-consuming Civilization IV :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, constructive feedback is always extremely welcome.

You shouldn’t lose knowledge for Chess and Golf so quickly. They should be like class skills staying permanently. Same with IQ literature, you can’t unread books.

There should be books for: Football, Soccer, Tennis, and Poker.

If you load a saved game, you can’t buy magazines.

If you’re trying to get rid of a friend because he has a universally bad trait like dull or irratating then you shouldn’t lose confidence you should lose more happiness and gain more stress because you had to get that bad influence out of your life.

Bump for both these ideas. The rate at which muscles degrade is crazy. Maybe have a cap on the amount of degradation, like it won’t drop by more than 40%, and gaining back what was lost happens faster than it did the first time around. I haven’t played chess in 10 years, but I’m sure I could at least play half as well as I used to in my prime.

An alternative is that these skills such as chess and soccer are related to stats, and those stats (IQ and Fitness) already degrade. If you were an ace soccer player and then stopped playing for a few years and went back, you might still have the skills, but if you’re now out of shape, that’s going to have the bigger effect. If you’ve stayed fit by playing tennis, going back to soccer you’re still going to be really good at it, even if you are “out of practice” (which could be simulated by having the skill degrade over time by a maximum of 40%).

I really like this idea of raising a ‘floor’ level for a skill. It makes sense, I can still play the guitar a bit despite not having really played much in years. That’s something that could be coded in without too much effect on balance I suspect.

Good point…I just ignore those people. Maybe the penalty for losing a friend should be related to whatever their traits are? Losing a friend that was extroverted would give you an extroversion penalty, while losing a friend that was dull would increase your excitement?

Heh, thats quite an interesting idea :D. Maybe losing irritating friends actually cheers you up :smiley:

Here’s a few ideas I’ve had. (I think a few of these I may have seen elsewhere on these boards, so if I don’t give credit where it is due, I apologize)

1: More random events. These things spice up the game a great deal. Things like the dentist trips are fun, and the burglaries. Maybe there are things like company parties to go to occasionally, or other holiday events. There could even be simple situations. “On your walk back from work you find a discarded wallet. What do you do?” If you return it, you might get a friend and a boost to kudos and honesty. Take it, hey free money! (Though maybe a chance someone finds out you did it) “You find a stray cat outside your house as you go to sleep tonight. What do you do?” (Feed it, you get a free cat, ignore it, it meows all night and you get less rest that night)

2: Perks to negative traits in friends. Maybe if a friend has a negative trait, there is some potential to get good out of it to counter balance. This would make them still worthwhile to keep around. Maybe someone shy occasionally opens up to you, and you get a confidence boost. Someone dishonest might come across an item from the store for cheaper and offer it to you. (Hey, here’s some ice skates I found I don’t need anymore)

3: Bus passes. You pay a large amount of money, and for the next year the bus ride is free, or half price.

4: (I think this was mentioned elsewhere) A fuel efficient car. Possibly even model it after an electric car. IE: First 15 miles are minimal cost, anything after is the cost of a ‘midrange car’.

5: Car Pooling: If you have a friend at work and either you or them has a car, you can car pool. This would cut the cost in half, and reduce loneliness on the drive.

6: Give friends jobs too. In the friend info screen, list what job they have as well. This would dictate the kind of money they get, and the activities they are likely wanting to do. (High paying law guy wants to eat at the expensive places and go to the opera a lot. The waiter would rather go to the movies) This would go in line with car pooling. If they have a job at the same place, you can car pool.

7: Non-standard work weeks: Maybe some jobs work the weekend, but get a few random weekdays off. They could add to stress on having to work weekends, but pay more.

8: In line with random events, certain high stress jobs might require overtime. This would make it so you can’t do an activity that day, and leaves you stressed. (These jobs again would pay more to balance this out)

9: Travelling. The ability to travel for a weekend. When you go somewhere else, it unlocks some additional activities.

10: More random tips. I had a few times where I wasn’t sure how something worked. My cooking experience got stuck at 91% one time and didn’t know what to do, despite having a decent job as a Sous Chef.

11: Medicine: You can buy this from the store and take it when you get sick to speed up recovery time.

I love ideas 1 and 11. Random events are so much fun, and the idea of having a choice to make that can turn out either good or bad, that sounds brilliant. And definately in need of medicine or at least an option to visit the doctor when you’re sick. I end up sick for weeks at a time because I can’t figure out how to get well fast. :frowning:

But make the random events a user-selectable option at the start of the game, if at all possible. :wink: