Potential new visualisation 'market analysis' screen... feedback needed

This is something I tried out today:


Its a way to visualize what sectors of the market you are missing out on, and basically displays the same data as the existing screen with all the text, but with more visuals and less text…
Each car body style has a basic color, with four different tinted segments to represent cheap,mid,expensive,luxury. The ‘inner’ segments which partially or completely fill those outer segments reflect the extent to which you are supplying enough cars for every customer in that segment right now.

So full segments are fine (or maybe overproduced), half-empty segments imply you should increase production of that model. Totally empty segments show a completely under-served market.

I was thinking of maybe coloring the segments just black and white for when that car body style has not been researched. I can’t decide what data to add under the car icons yet.

Is this helpful? I like it, but I’d like to know what people think. This is coded, its not a mock-up.


I think is a nice addition to that chart

Cliff will be old screen be there or it will be replaced for this ?

I think I’ll probably keep both. I’m still experimenting :smiley:

Final tweaks done to this chart, it now toggles between showing production and sales, and also has a red spillover edge indicator if you produce/sell at a rate that’s too high in a segment.

I do like it, but i would like to see my production as a part of the entire market, for all companies

Yup, thats the big thing that is missing, although its kind of implied by the market share stat on the ‘market’ screen at the moment.