Praetorian Industries Mod

I know no one probably plays this now, but I was feeling bored and modded the ships. Result below. Low res may make it hard to identify, but if you’ve played GSB it should look familiar. Modules are also modded, and I’m working on other sections.

Credits to the creators of Praetorian Industries for original ship images.

Download Link:
Just drop the images into Starship Tycoon’s bitmaps folder. Make sure to back-up oiginals; it does require you to overwrite.

Never played this game, but looks nice, keep it up ^^

yet another game I wish I had time to update…

Though an older game with some glitches, it’s still a fun one. Very easy to mod too. But I’m guessing any major update, like with GSB, would cause the game to break like raw spaghetti.

If anyone does have this game, and wishes to try this mod, I’m leaving a download link up.