Hi Guys,

I need a little help. I love the game but the one thing I don’t like is the pratice mini-game. After doing it about 100 times it gets annoying really quickly and for me at least takes away from the fun of managing the band. I need a way to either A, edit the mini-game so its much shorter or B, get a bigger boost for my band when they pratice.

I managed at first to edit the code so that I just had to press ‘1’ each time I praticed but I found after a certain amount of pratices it goes back to being multi-numbered, I guess that’s because after awhile it becomes random. I’ve tried looking for the code that deals with it but haven’t been able to find it. Ditto on increasing the percentage gain when you pratice. My grateful thanks to anyone who answers.


Ah reading the forum more closely I think I get that all you can do is keeping adding lines. A little vexing but easy enough to fix.