Pre-Req Flags

So, I was playing the game this morning and a good friend stopped by. She was digging the game. I let her play for a bit. After about 5 minutes of playing, her toon was very unhappy, stressed out, and not feeling so confident. LoL. Well, she made the comment, “Ok, where is my pedicurist! That always relaxes me and makes me feel better about myself.”

Well, that got me thinking of a a few mods I could make, but I would prefer if some of them were for male / female only. Is there some tag I could use to specify that? I know you can do it with some things. For example:

gamesconsole,1.0 - Would only happen if you had a game console.
_energy,0.50 - Would only work if your energy was 50%
weather_snow,0.3 - Would only work after it’s snowed for a bit.

but yeah, is there a way to specify male or female for activities?

Edit: Ok, so my friend is playing 5 million questions here. I think she likes the game. LoL Anyway, she’s coming up with lots of ideas. One she came up with had a twist. She wanted to know if it was possible to make a birthday party. I said, oh, sure that’s easy. Then, she asked if there was a way to make it so only your closest friends could be invited. That’s where I got stumped.

So, to edit the question,

  1. Is there a way to specify male / female in the pre-reqs or activities.
  2. Is here a way to specify relationship strength. Like say only friends that had a 75% strength or better.

damn neither of these two ideas are possible, but they are great ideas. If I update the game or do a sequel, I should put those in…

I hope there’s gonna be a sequel instead of an update … like Democracy 2

Actually, I like it that there’s nothing gender-based in the game. The real world isn’t egalitarian, but it’d be nice if the play world continued to be. :slight_smile:

I do like the “only closest friends for some activities,” though.