Predictions for obmas first 100 days?

So what do you think Obama will achieve in the first 100 days in office? Will his bailout bill go through ok? will he get anything done on renewable energy? how about getting guantanomo bay shut? Normally I’m very cynical about the ability of any SU president to get his agenda acted on 9too much time watching the West Wing possibly), but I was pleasantly surprised how quickly obama seemed to turn to the guantanomo bay issue, within 24 hours of actually being in power. That’s pretty fast work!
Will lobbyists, special interest groups and the media (not to mention the house and senate) tie his hands? or will this president really achieve rapid change in the USA?

I don’t believe he can do everything the voters expect, but I hope he will do the right/unpopular things. He has made a good start on Guantamono but he isn’t going to save the economy from a fairly bad recession, and the middle east wont be easy to leave quickly.

he does seem to be working hard though. Now he is making speeches about renewable energy and changing emissions levels of cars. It’s like obama has unlocked a cheat code giving him infinite political capital :smiley:

Well, he’s already lost 15 points off of his approval rating according to the latest polls. He may have unlimited political capital, but the political honeymoon didn’t last long at all…

That slightly crazy period of optimism is already over? That was quick.
Though to be honest, the voters dont get a say for such a long time, it doesn’t matter. It makes such a change, compared to the anti-science, anti-freedom attitude of Bush. I’m suprised americans arn’t just glad he’s finally gone.

Most of us are…

I’m sure the optimism will last a lot longer. So far I haven’t heard a single major criticism of him since he took office.

My guess is that he won’t be re-elected.

He certainly hasn’t been dealt a very good starting hand. It certainly won’t help him get re-elected…but I think it’s WAY too early to start thinking about this.

Still, I had to laugh when he complained about the DC schools closing down with only a little bit of snow on the ground. I live about 50 miles south of DC, and I am constantly amazed at how poor the drivers around here are when it comes to driving in the snow. We get it often enough that I would have thought people would have learned how to do it by now…but every time it snows the world comes to a standstill.

Of course he’s in bed with the media, however things are beginning to turn against him there.

I wouldnt say so, the media primary cares about the personality of politicians, not the actually politics. Obama has a great personality.

That’s very true, but at some point they’ve got to feel used. Some in the media have come out against him recently, after being for him before.

Still, compared with Bush he is hugely popular in the press. I never hear any jokes or digs at him here in the UK media. It’s a totally different situation to when Bush would visit and it was described as some evil tyrant visiting us.

From what I’ve seen, he’s taken heat. Just today I saw where a UK columnist called him “President Pantywaist”. And did he not take heat for his behavior last week with other heads of state? No doubt if Bush had done any of that, that’s all you would hear about. All I’m saying is his honeymoon is pretty much over and he better start at least acting competent.

That’s just the “honeymoon period” effect. We’ll all start seeing a change in coverage tenor by the end of the year.

Interesting write up by Dick Morris. For some time, I’ve been baffled by public support for less government regulation of the market and such, but at the same time BO’s numbers are still high. Seems to be he’s still in a “honeymoon” with most people. Time will tell how long it lasts.

“acting competent”?
Where have you been for the past 100 days? Watching fox news, i guess…

ok ok, you got me there. He must be “acting” then.

I was joking with my last post, btw.

Yeah im tired of obama’s socialist rhetoric. hes ruining the economy! Can you believe he bailed out the banks, which he and other economists say were to big to fail? i mean even warren buffet defended obama’s stimulus plan. And Donald trump defended obama’s bank bailouts. It seems like all theses well known and successful economists, the media, and obama are all in some conspiracy to drive fascist communism down the american peoples throat. I SAY REVOLUTION, we all should go out and re-elect george bush and his republican cronies, because when he was president (with republican majorites) he led the country through 2 successful wars and a economic boom.

Thomas Sowell had said before the election that with McCain you had a “disaster”, but under BO you had a “catastrophe”. Granted, McCain would’ve been the same ole thing, but I think recovery would’ve been far quicker. Many economists were of the “do nothing” approach to the crisis. I do think some banks had to be helped, but with loans with no strings attached. As for corporate bailouts, let them fail, or declare bankruptcy. Most of the companies being bailed out are just going to turn around and give some of that money right back to the Congressmen who gave it to them in the first place. These companies aren’t changing the way they operate, and the unions are killing them, too. Look at American auto companies versus Japanese auto companies.

It’s funny you brought up revolution. I do see that happening years down the road. The natural course of mankind has been to drift towards collectivism, only to start the process all over again with a revolution of some sort. You can see a lot of similarities of the United States to ancient Rome. Ancient Romans used to have a free market economy and personal liberty. Over time though, Statists ended up taking over and soon enough you had the end of the republic.