Presidential Candidates and Games...

I just sent emails to all the major presidential candidates (romney,guiliani,clinton,obama,ronpaul and mccain) offering them free copies of the game. They should consider it a free practice go before they get the job :laughing:
Place your bets on:

who replies
who actually runs the game (I know the code for each one :smiley:)
what they say (if anything)

Annoyingly, Mitt Romney only accepts messages under 500 characters. That was a tough editing assignment I can assure you.

If I get any replies I’ll post them in this thread.

I’d like to believe that you might get responses but I imagine they’re all incredibly busy. You might get some thank-you notes, though, which is something to tell your grandchildren!

Most likely one to try the game is probably Obama, seeing as how he seems to be the ‘moderniser’ candidate.

Giulini has dropped out. I suggest you ask for your copy back. :wink:

I shall carefully monitor to see if they run it now, seeing as they have time on their hands :smiley:

Now, Dennis Kunuich probably would play, if you sent him a copy. :smiley: Although he dropped out recently, too.

None of them have been tempted to install it yet, but bloody Obama won’t shut up, somehow he has interpreted my “here is a game you may enjoy and please outline your position on the use of videogames in schools” as “I love you barack!”
some clips:

I feel so special… But I never expressed any support. If you can’t be botheredto read an email, the trick is always best not to reply. This is like me taking the email addresses of people who send me bug reports and sticking them on my mailing list without asking them. Bah.

I just unsubscribed from obamas list, the list I didn’t ask to be put on. The rudeness of this really pisses me off. Typical politician, assume everyone loves you and wants to support you.

thanks rudy. pity you lost. but if you delete emails without reading them, maybe its for the best you aren’t given a position of power over people :smiley: