Pressure Groups mod

Ok, here is a small optional modification to the pressure group and assasination sytem,made by me.

It adds a new terrorist organisation, the Anarchist International. It is based on Liberal voter group support. The Anarchists can assasinate you if you piss off Liberals much,although i tried to make them less violent,active and smaller than other terrorist organisations (after all violent anarchists are quite rare in the modern world, but the possibility of them arising and gaining in popularity in case of a severly repressive regime taking over the rule in some developed western country exists, i think).

There are three new “protest”-like events/actions included, similar in effect to the "eco - protest " of the Green Brigades in the original game - they are Street Preachers for the Religious, Marxist Radicals for Socialists and Nationalistic Propaganda for Patriots.

It also adds several new cosmetic,non-violent pressure groups to the game (The Adam Smith Institute, Hippie Love Movement,Family care Foundation, Motor Vehicles Club and League for Traditional Morality).
These cannot do any special actions, as for now.

Installation guide:

Just copy the “data” folder included in the zip file into the Democracy 2 folder and overwrite any files.
Make backup copy of the original PressureGroups.csv before installing,as this replaces it with a modified version.

Let me know what do you think of the mod !
pressure group mod.rar (4.66 KB)

Hey that’s a really good idea, nice one!

Would it be easy/possible to make it so that in the next release of Democracy the box on the pressure groups page expands so that new groups will fit in?

Aha, yes that’s a good idea, don’t let me forget to do it.