Prevent Conveyor Crossover Gridlock

Currently the conveyor crossover can easily gridlock. I think this could be prevented by only moving a car into a crossover if there is an empty destination space outside the crossover.


good point but I did not do any crossings yet. I dont like to get good in different production status mixed up.

But that brings me to another suggestion: elevated conveyors
I don’t know if the game enginge can handle the goods movement at the same tile but on different level for different directions but adding elevated conveyors, upward and downward conveyor ramp as well as upward and downward lift would be great stuff for expanding the production lines over several facility expansions.

The ramps could need 1x3 tiles and the lifts only 1x1 tile. To compensate this method of secure crossing other conveyors it would be okay that the upward ramp and both lifts needs some electricity.

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I had a badly planned factory (like all of mine :)) and in order to expand I needed to take one conveyor path across another to reach some open floor, so I could install the exploded slots. I got gridlock.

I think the simplest example is cars going from Chassis to Body top-right to bottom-left, looping round to Paint going to Engine top-left to bottom right.

Body is the first bottle-neck, and backs up over the intersection. Because a car going to Body is sitting there, nothing can get to Engine, which means the the output from Paint backs up, and the whole thing comes to a stop.

The solution is probably that no car should ever stop on an intersection of two unrelated paths like this. I think a simple heuristic would be that all four endpoints of the intersection are different?

Or conveyor bridges and/or multi-level factories…


is it a bug or just an aspect to improve …
Your post sound very like this suggestion:

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