Prevent election losses

My colleagues and I run a socio-political simulators after hours at our school. Basically we have student act in political roles, and interact with each other. They respond to situations, and to each other. It is a really effective way of getting the students to study, without them realising.

We were really excited by the possibility of using Democracy 3 as the backbone for the simulation to run off. Only problem is that our countries need to survive the entire year, and through election losses. In our simulation, if the students loose an election, then they will be replaced with other students, but the country goes on.

I was wondering if there anyway to prevent an election loss from ending the game, or even removing elections? We just want the country to survive.

That’s one of the main problem of the game. It’s more of a governement simulator with a plebiscit system than a party simulator.

I don’t think there’s anything ATM, beyond save game editing at least.

Possible Solution
If you bump up the length to a huge number, you can prevent the occurrence of an election.