Preview Image please help

So i created a mod and everything is working fine besides adding the preview image it seems to not see any, like where should i put it ,in what format/size and how should i name them?. I tried copy pasting both jpg and png files in different places and still dosen’t see any images. Obviouslly i can’t upload the mod to workshop because of lack of preview image.

Please help as im clueless

Hi, have you seen the modding guide here:

It might be worth grabbing the ‘rural subsidies’ mod, which is made by me and is supposed to be an example of how it works.

Yea i checked i used other mod as an example anyways somehow I worked it out. I got angry and just took a jpg screenshot and started to copy paste it in random folders and somehow it started to work, now i simply have this jpg in all of democracy 4 folders spammed. English is not my first language so sory btw ^^.