Price depreciation breaks the game

The new price depreciation system breaks the game.
It’s not realistic.
Prices don’t magically go down over time.
Most of the time, prices go up (this is what called inflation).
If you want to decrease the price of your product (in this case the car) you need to actively take steps to reduce costs (like producing your own components instead of buying them from outside vendors).
More examples of reducing costs (that can be implemented in the game):

  1. making the 1st tier of production semi automatic, with people doing part of the work, meaning you need to pay wages to these people. a 2nd tear can be fully automated, meaning less wages, but more electricity bills (but less costs overall)
  2. providing several vendors with different prices, allowing the player to switch vendors to save costs (and maybe even negotiate the price and make bundle deals)
  3. encouraging the player to consolidate parts of his pipeline, meaning making the same chassis for different models.
  4. providing the player with a choice of building materials and component qualities, allowing him to make cheep and low quality cars or expansive and high quality cars.