Price of Kudos

I really think 22 US…in my case around 30 AU for such a simple game is ridiculous. Why are you charging so much for this game especially since your an independent developer?

Yes i have played the demo and the most i would pay is 15 AU.

I’m not trying 2 rage here…jst wanna start a debate over this issue…so feel free 2 add ur opinions here ppl.


thats just your opinion. You can pay $22 for a pizza. I don’t think thats a lot to ask myself.
There are plenty of people who would pay more, as well as some who would pay less. Experience tells me this is the right price.
And what do you mean by simple game? Are you paying to have fun? or to be imrpessed with complexity? Democracy is technically mroe complex by some standards, technically less complex by others. The complexity of Chess is trivial. Is Chess therefore not a good game? :smiley:

I agree with Cliffski - 30AU is very reasonable indeed. Commercial stuff starts at 60AU and goes on from there - 80, 100, etc.! I always think 25US or even 30US is fine for indie stuff. It’s much better than commercial rubbish, anyway. (Just my opinion…)

23 US is a pretty good deal in my eyes. I am an avid Sims2 player and they released an expansion pack that was worthless and charged me 30. Here we have a designer who gives you direct feedback, implements changes, and updates for free and it’s less than that. Good deal I say.

lol $22 for a pizza i wouldnt pay more than $13 AU for one

…I wrote a long post yesterday but must have not submitted it lol! anyway here it is in short

I guess what i meant by simplicity is how long it will entertain me for…eg i own democracy and got bored of it after 4-5 days since i had to dead ends and things started to repeat. I dont want to pay $30 AU for kudos and get bored of it in 4-5 days like democracy.

After all i bought counter-strike for around $15 AU and it has entertained me for years. Or similarly and more in the kudos genre u could buy civilization for the price of kudos and it’ll entertain 4 years.

Anway as cliff implied we’re all entitled to opinion and just because i get bored of a game quickyl won’t mean others will