Problem after bought game

Hello, I bought this game on july 5th with paypal and it is still not cleared on there. I only got the downloadable version and im not sure what the problem is as paypal usually goes right through with anything else. What could be the problem?

Hi, I can’t see an order under your email address, which suggests that it hasn’t been ok’d by paypal. Has the money left your paypal account?

The order was under the email my moms email address. She said that the money has left her paypal account, which is why i couldnt make sense of it.

Ok I’ll look into what’s holding it up.

Ok thanks

Hi, BMT (the order processor) cannot find any order in that email address, if you email me (cliff AT positech dot co dot uk), with some other details of the order I’ll investigate further. Did you not even get an order acknowledgement email?