Problem after Patch to 1.13

I had already patched Kudos to 1.12 and everything seemed to be working fine. Unfortunately now I’ve patched the game to 1.13 and as soon as I start the game it crashes and immediately sends me back to the desktop. I am running the game in full screen mode, I haven’t changed any of the default options, and my graphics card, memory, and cpu speed are all optimal for playing the game (especially since it was running perfectly before). I did try reinstalling the patch but after the first installation of it all subsequent tries had failed. I don’t know if I’m the only person that this is happening to but I figured I better post just in case and to also make Cliffski aware.

I suppose if worse came to worse I could completely uninstall Kudos and reinstall the game from scratch (don’t really want to though) and then all of the previous patches. The problem with this is it doesn’t really help me if I do intend on patching up to 1.13 again, because the same thing will most likely happen. Hopefully Cliffski is already aware of the problem though and all it requires is a simple solution. Either way, I’ll wait to hear if anyone else has had this happen yet before I completely uninstall the game and re-install it.


I’m not aware of this at all, obviously if you email me I can look up your order number and sort you out a completely fresh 1.13 download, but I’d be interested to know if anyone else had problems.
There have been a lot of patches, and is possible something got missed out at some stage.

Ok I’ll do that. Thanks in advance.


I also had a problem after upgrading to 1.13. I was at 1.1a, and everything was fine. I patched to 1.11 then to 1.13 as instructed on the site, and now when kdos opens, it’s like the screen never cleans up. every mouse pointer trail stays on screen, every button, every popup, everything stays on screen until its a big mess. In short, my game is now unplayable. I have not changed any settings. Is there a fix for this?

there is, but its not a finished patch yet, email me your order details and I can send you a hotfix though.