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So i have search the forum for endless hours mixed whit photoshop trying to make custom bullets and im so mad i cant get it to work.
If anyone could make an tutorial or just show how to do it i would be grateful, now im stuck on mod cause i lack the knowledge on this part.

From Re: [Guide] GSB Modding 101
Hopefully this will get you started. Remember to show a few screenshots of the final product :slight_smile:

P.S. - i strongly recommend you take the time to read through the modding guide, it may be a bit disorganised but it will answer 90% of your GSB modding questions. Also if you come up with something new - remember to add it in :slight_smile:

Custom Bullets.
classname = “SIM_BulletWeaponModule”

New Code

bullet_texture = ""

What it does:
The Community have been bugging Cliff for a long time for this. With the bullet texture over ride you can change that bullet into ANYTHING you want.

unlockcost = 12000
lockable = 1
armour_penetration = 60
blasttexture = “”
category = “WEAPONS”
classname = “SIM_BulletWeaponModule”
bullet_texture = “” place the dds file here ->[b] <>\data\bitmaps\fx[/b]
color = 4
cost = 1280
crew_required = 28

::Moar Examples of what you can do::

Hints and tips.
Once you have added in bullet_texture remember to change
height =
width =
to help get the image the way you want it.

Another point to remember, there may be a case where the image for your bullet, the more you will slow down GSB
(especially if you have an extremely quick refire rate)

Well i tried doing a custom bullet in photoshop but i have no clue how it should look like, so i messed around forum and modding guide and found nothing i may have missed it then i am sorry.

my custom bullet i open whit the that is already in game but its a big purple thing and i have no clue how to import the bullet in that dds for it to work in game, i tried but my new bullet came up invisible in game

this is how my text file looks like i think everything there is right

Ps i am sorry if i sound rude or angry i am not trying to make enemy’s here on forum i really thank u for all the help =)

Ah, now i see what your refering to.
Hokay - I cant recall any guide that explains how to make a bullet sprite sheet.
No matter, we can easily fix that.

Quick version:

  • make a copy of
  • open in your graphical editor of choice
  • note that the bullets are arranged in 2 rows and 6 columns (with the last 2 acting as double wide)
  • insert your new bullet over the top of the first bullet which is red (dont forget the alpha channel)
  • save file and set the color of the bulet to 0
    In this example i have made double bullets for dual cannons . .

yeap, i think i know whats happening - Could you zip up your sprite source and weapon text file and post it somewhere so i can have a look ?

Hm my attachment did not work last time lets try again

“Edit” Omg remember im noob if i done horribly wrong XD
HereUgo.rar (27.5 KB)

Excelent - i will have a look at it over the next few hours and post an update.
(Unless one of the other members of the friendly mod squad beat me to it in the meanwhile)

No worries - we all were n00bs at some point :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help and for the fast response as well

Messed around whit the dds now and got it to work in game but problem now is the quality it looks awful =P

added a attachment of new bullet dds and weapon txt
HereUgoAgain.rar (7.41 KB)

No worries - its what we are here for :slight_smile:

Least you got it in game :slight_smile:

Try this one, i have made a new bullet sheet and modified the txt file slightly.
kodiak railgun (57.8 KB)
To install - place the in the same location as your and overwrite your kodiak railgun.txt
(In theory it should work - if not let me know)

When i have some more time i will explain in detail what i did
(but by then you probally have worked it out)

I think this would be a good time to re-post a special note of caution about using too many rapid-firing, bullet-type weapons of the same kind within the game and only being able to have approx. only 80 shots at a time actually appear onscreen. Other than that modest warning, I really like what I’m seeing here; great job.

Thanks and i have to check that out if my bullets will stay after 80 shots thanks for the warning

and Darkstar, thanks will check it out

This is the 80 shot limit looks like

Turrets are still glowin but you cant see any more bullets flying out.

No worries

Wow looks much better…“Bows down for the master”

Now that i think iv got the hang of the custom bullets (thanks to you ofc) i have an final question i saw on forum that u could make a rely high resolution bullets but no one said how again i might have missed it how to do that if u don’t mind

"Edit that 80 bullets pic ahahha XD my weapons dont shot that fast ahaha srsly that made my day lol

Its your sprite ! - All i did is place it on the bullet sheet for you
I also included those double laser effects for you to use for any double barrel weapons :slight_smile:

Off the top of my head without testing it . . the quick steps would be something along the lines of:

  • Source your file
  • in the text file set bullet_texture = “”
  • in the text file set color = 10

Glad you enjoyed it :slight_smile:

Look forward to your Mass Effect Mod

looks so much better now thanks allot for all the help and time now i can mass custom effects to my mass effect universe ! =)

Most welcome - If i could just urge you to use the Hi Rez effects only where required - mainly for optimisation
(there are a few of us that have ancient computers that are Pentium III’s)

O my Pentium III that is history right there, well did not think of that i will make the mod performance friendly then how about that =)

I’d say that’s both a friendly step as well as a wise one. Far from everyone who plays GSB also owns current PC hardware that fits the assumed profile of “hardcore gamers”.

For example: I can and do play the Windows version of GSB on my Mac via software emulation, but if I want a 100% Windows experience my only other option is a homebrew Pentium-IV 2.4GHz/512MB RAM PC I built in 2002. To put it mildly, ouch. I know of several other serious modders who are also behind the tech curve when it comes to whatever computing platform they have available for all things GSB.

Doh - got ninja’ed by Archduke Astro :stuck_out_tongue:
As he said - Performance Friendly is always a good thing to keep in mind :slight_smile:

Good that you mention it but is it any special u have to do to make the mod work for mac for example install path diffrent on mac ?