Problem solving

Under ‘stress’ how do you increase problem solving.

Increasing your problem solving skills while under stress? I was able to increase problem solving while working as help desk super (not as stressful as a medical job, but close).

Maybe spend a few weekends doing crosswords and reading the sudoku book? It’s a big trade-off, but short term and worth it in the long run.


The cryptic crosswords seem to net the most gain.

Just bought the paper and seems to be workin.
I have become a cosmetic surgeon and there seems to be no jobs to further my career!?

I think you may be able to find higher-paying work as a cosmetic surgeon. Have you maxed out on promotions yet?

One thing I did with my doctor character was to expand into science and begin working on theories. Even quit several high-paying medical jobs to take lower-paying acting jobs. It’s kinda cool what can be done. You might keep an eye out for the Surgical Consultant job; the salaries looked very tempting. :smiley:

I will try to expand my life.
Just bought the expensive car.
It would be nice if a drive was available as an activity on weekends.
Could be with one person in an expensive car or 3 with an old car.
Better still, car racing with the expensive car.