Problem With Applying for Jobs



My character is a bassist. Whenever I find a bass-playing job that my character is qualified for (all requirements are checked off) the “Apply” button is grayed out. At first I thought it was because the character’s mood was too negative (too tired, unhappy, etc.) but this doesn’t seem to be the case. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for your help! This is an awesome game!


no idea. can you email a save game (from mydocuments/kudos/savegames) from when this is happening to cliff AT positech DOT co dot uk and I’ll take a look.


Will do.

Thanks so much!


I had the same problem till I realized by Bass had been stolen by a recent break in. If your bass is stolen while you have a job, you can keep the job. But, if you want to apply for a new one, you have to rebuy the bass.


Aha, that sounds very likely…


Duh. Makes sense to me.