Problem with band-training

Hi there,

I’m having trouble with the band-training in the rock legend game. The program won’t let me start the training. I can click like on the " Start" button 100 times, but nothing happens. It happens in the full version and in the demo version. Please help me! Also, the game doesn’t run full-screen.

The program runs on an up-to-date Macbook with Mac OSX

Greeting from Holland!


If this problem can’t be solved I gonna claim my money back, I’m not gonna spend 22 euro’s on something that doesn’t work properly.

Some questions:

Do you have the most recent version of the game?

Can you do anything else with the game? Is it just the training that you’re having problems with?

Is there a debugdata folder in the game’s directory? If so, there is probably some sort of text file in there that will help to debug things.

I have the most recent version.

The rest of the game works perfect, except that it’s not running completely full-screen

There is no debug data folder in the game directory.

Have you added any mods to the game? Any of them that would affect the training? There are some mods that change that game so all of the notes are the same, instead of randomly generated. If you have any of those, try getting rid of them and restart.

Try adding a debugdata folder to the main game, and see if any file are generated when the game crashes.