Problem With Chef Career ...

Hi everyone!

I’m pursuing the Chef career, but my Cooking Experience has been stuck at 85% for many months of gameplay time. I’ve tried the Learn to Cook book, watching the Food Channel, throwing dinner parties, etc – nothing seems to help. Since I’m a Sous Chef at the moment, the only career choices I have left require 100% Cooking Experience, so I’m completely stuck career-wise. Any ideas?


Is it your cooking experience, or your cooking skill that is stuck at 85%?

Watching the Food Network will only increase your basic cooking skill. Since you’re a Sous Chef, and that requires 100% Advanced Cooking, you won’t get any more information out of watching it. You will still reduce your stress, though. Throwing Dinner parties also increases your Basic Cooking. Being a good cook will certainly improve your odds of having an successful party, but it won’t give you any cooking experience.

I thought that the Sous Chef would increase the cooking experience up to 100% if you stayed there long enough. I was able to make it to a TV Chef going through the Sous Chef, and the TV Chef requires 100% Cooking XP. This was in an earlier version of the game, so maybe something got mucked up in a later patch?

Hi Sam,

My Basic, Advanced and Expert Cooking Skills are all at 100% – it’s the Cooking Experience that’s stuff at 85%. I updated to the latest game version after all the patches came out.

I know the books, TV and dinner parties don’t help, so that’s why I’m stuck. :slight_smile: I’ve been a Sous Chef at the same location for about 8 months of game time, so there’s nowhere else to go but Executive and TV Chef - and those are grayed out because of the Cooking Experience issue.

Waves Evenin’!

So, I did some sample testing, and it APPEARS as though some of the high end cooking jobs (namely the Sous Chef) don’t give cooking XP. If you drop down to a lesser role (basically ANY other cooking role) for a few game weeks you should increase your cooking XP.

I’ve fired an e-mail to Cliff to let him know about this ‘bug’, but as he’s working on a new game you might just have to live with the problem for a while :slight_smile:

Wayno, back in black, and a hint of red

Thanks Wayno! I will definitely give it a try. :slight_smile: