Problem with dilemmas

Hi !
I have, I should say a BIG problem. The game works fine, but when loading starts and it loads “asessing dilemmas” then the game crashes. And it says that the error occured and the game cannot read some kind of save file.
I really have o idea what that means.
Can someone help me ?!

Hi. Has the game worked in the past but suddenly screwed up? or have you never successfully played it? ANd is this the demo or full copy? It would really help to know the exact error message you get. If you can reproduce the problem and note the exact error, that would really help, although tbh it sounds likely that the game has somehow screwed up the install, so redownloading and reinstalling it could well fix it.

Well, it used to work properly. But after I downloaded updates from the game menu, it started to work very strangly. And I deleted every folder and reinstalled it couple of times, but every time when it’s loading and comes to “assesing dilemmas” it crashes.
Here is the picture of the error.

Can you try turning off autosave in the options?
The game is trying to save out its autosave, and it looks like it cannot write the file to disk. Possibly there has been a crash in windows that left one of those annoying files that cannot be removed, deleted or renamed.
You might be able to kick windows into dealing with it by going into the games mydocuments\democracy2\savegames folder and creating your own file in windows explorer called autosave.xml. If nothing else, windows may then give you an error message explaining why it’s got upset.

Thank you very much. It finally works. I have turned off autosave in the options and it works properly.