Problem with full game

Hi all.

I played the demo and loved it, so I thought I would buy the complete game.

In the demo, on the main screen, in the top left corner is the fist icon with the amount of political power I have. This doesn’t appear in the main game, so I have no idea of how many ‘points’ I have to spend.

When I go into a policy and move the slider up or down to change the budget allocation (assuming I have the points to do so) it doesn’t ask me for confirmation like it did in the demo. Therefore I can’t change any policies.

It’s probably something i’m doing wrong but i’d welcome any help you may have please.

Many thanks


somehow the option to turn off political power has been clicked or set. go to the games options and you will see the checkbox to turn it back on.

Thanks very much for the help. That seemed to sort it out.

Absolutely cracking game too.