PRoblem with my first challenge

I’ve posted my first challenge, but the map name is shows is all wrong. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

The mapname looks funny, but the scenario plays OK.

Yeah, I noticed several people already beat me :frowning:

Is there a way to see how they did it, so I can learn from it?

The only way to see it, would be if those people sent you a personal challenge with the fleet they used to beat yours.

I’ll send you my initial answer to it, although those designs were also used in the SAC.

A few things:

1)The tribe howitzer is virtually 100% superior to the quantum blaster. No need to have any QB’s about. I hear one or two clicking around in there somewhere.
2) The normal (blue) missile is only conceivably useful as a longrange bombardment weapon. It’s cheap, but you unfortunately only get what you pay for. The tracking of that and the megaton is very poor - you will get very few hits in before a mobile fleet is on top of you, almost none with point defense interfering.
3) Scramblers are generally the superior choice in point defense. You don’t have a choice for frigates, but a few on the cruisers will help.
4) Given that this map has a 20 pilot limit, there’s little need to bring any antifighter weaponry. I see quite a few frigates armed with AA launchers.

I find tribe does well with budgeted cruiser designs. Cheap, lots of weapons, with a minimal of frilly crap tacked on gets the job done for them.

Thanks, I noticed. Now I can learn :smiley:

I’m not sure why it was in there, updated my design, probably unlocked the QB before the howitzer.

I think I use it to stay within my energy and crew budget.

I notice that anything with scramblers owns me. They just seem to make missiles of any kind completely ineffective. Having some as defense might be a good idea though. I only unlocked them yesterday, took the defense laser before, as that is also useful against things that don’t use missiles.

Yeah I threw 2 cheap frigates with some AA in there in case someone did bring a few fighters. Maybe I should just ignore those.

Yeah, my cruisers are around 2000 units, but I find that there are too many things that can entirely nullify them, especially the scrambles make missiles very ineffective, but lasers are much more expensive and shorter range, leading to much more expensive hull designs.