Problem with new forum account

Hey everyone.

I first want to say that I bought GSB and think it’s a really nice game. As a result I tried to create a forum account but never received an activation mail. I tried the page that allows you to resend the activation several times over the last week, but never got anything. I now used a different mail address to make this account, and that actually worked the first time. I still would prefer to use the username I selected first (RogerWilco) instead of the rogerwilco2 I’m using now, as I have also used that name to register for Challenges online.

For information, the address that isn’t arriving uses, while is fine. Both are large and widely used (over 200.000 users) domains in the Netherlands, hosted by the 200.000 member Hobby Computer Club, and XS4ALL, the oldest and most professional ISP in the country. I got the mails from BMTmicro with my registration codes for GSB without a problem on the account.

Any chance someone could fix this or tell me how to fix it?

I have no idea, its all automated so somehow that isp must put phpbb emails on a block list. Pretty annoying :frowning:

Thanks for your reply, much appreciated. Would it be possible for you to remove the RogerWilco account, so I can create it again with my xs4all mail address, or rename this account?

Again, my main reason for this is, so I can use the same name on the forum as I have registered for the online challenges.

I know you’re just a one man operation, so if it takes too much effort I’ll understand.

The old account is gone, but I cant rename this one without your password. email me at if you want em to do that.