Problem with new patch

Just installed 1.1a and now I can’t load any of my save games.

I get an ‘ERROR’ dialog box with the following text.
“Tag story expected found royalties:C\DATA\PROGRAMMING\MILO\SIM_LoadGame.cpp 213”

I’ll send Cliff an email with a screen shot and the contents of my debugdata folder.

Anyone else had this problem??

Hmmm. It does look like older save games may not be loadable with the new patched version, which is a pain. However, any save game can be fixed so it does load ok, with a bit of cunning editing. I’ll look into it, and post here. Sorry about that ;(

ok heres the fix: You open up your save game in a text editor (notepad is fine). The save games are in your MyDocuments\Kudos\savegames directory, they are called name.xml where name is what you called them.

You basically need to add some text into this file. Back up a safe copy of the file first, in case it goes wrong.

do a search for this:

once you find it, you need to add this between it and the next line:

0.0 0.000 Hamster with Rabies

then save the file, and try loading it again, it should be fine. let me know if anyone has problems doing this, I can do it for you.

Just sent an email to the webmaster2 address with the one of my save games attached.

Thanks for the quick reply.

too quick for me :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll try fix the save game myself

Changes to the save game fixed it!
Thanks again for the quick response.

One small problem though. I lost my job! I thought this bug was fixed?

you and me both. I absolutely must fix this. Can you email me the (fixed) save game that does this, Im doing a whole bunch of stuff for the next patch, and Ill make sure I track that one down too.

email sent.
good luck :slight_smile: