Problem with online challenges list

Well, as the title of the thread says, I’m having a little problem / nuisance with the online challenges list.

The problem is that the list of online challenges will always jump back to the day when the game was installed.

I did not have the game on my PC for a while and re-installed it a few days ago, went online and naturally downloaded the list of challenges. A few days later I started the game again, went online and refreshed the list of challenges. So far so good, worked like a charm.
But then after looking at some challenges I noticed that after returning to the challenge list it had always jumped back to the date I installed the game.

So to give an example, I installed the game on February 5. and naturally the newest challenge on the list would be from that day. Now I come back on another day, let’s say Feb. 9., refresh the list and at first the newest challenge on the list would of course be from Feb. 9. as it should be.
But if I return to the main menu and then go back to the challenges or if I look at a challenge and go back to the challenge list from there, the list of challenges will be back at the state of Feb. 5. when I first downloaded the challenge listing after the fresh installation.

The new challenges are not found on the list anymore, I checked that. BUT if I now click on the little Date tab to sort the list, suddenly the latest challenges will be shown on the list again.

So they are being stored in the list, it’s just that the list isn’t automatically sorting? You can always see all of the challenegs if you sort by date?

No, they are not stored in the list.

I just took some screenshots, so I can hopefully explain it better.

Ok, so I start the game and go to the challenges. My list of challenges without refreshing will look like this:
(That’s exactly the state of the challenges list after first downloading the challenges list after a fresh install a few hours ago)

After refreshing the list looks like that:

Now if I download a challenge and play it and return to the list afterward or if I go back to the main menu and return to the list from there, the list will have gone back to the exact state it was in the first picture. The list will always jump back to the state it was in at the first time of downloading all challenges after installing the game.
The new challenges that were there after refreshing are not visible on the list, I checked that. They will only turn up again if I click on the “Date” tab to sort the list or if I refresh the list again.

Edit: Fixed the links. -.-

they are the same screenshot dude…

Sorry about that. looks like I mixed up the links a bit. It’s fixed now.